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Local Community Involvement

Local Community Involvement

As a part of Michelin Australia's vision (to serve sustainable mobility), Michelin Australia and its employees are involved in a number of community and charitable events…

Michelin supports the Australian Road Safety Foundation

Michelin's 114,000 employees are committed to making the safest and most relevant tyres for you. Michelin are leaders in innovation and sustainable development for the mobility of people and goods. They are 100% committed to ensure all of us Tread Safely now and well into the future.

A large part of Michelin's commitment to road safety is our ongoing support of the initiatives undertaken by the Australian Road Safety Foundation (ARSF). This non-profit organisation is dedicated to improving road safety awareness, enhancing driver education and reducing the impact of road trauma. Their vision is 'Driving the safety of every road user, every day, to achieve a significant year-on-year reduction in road deaths and injuries nationally.'

The ARSF achieves this through education, advocacy, research assistance and innovative road safety awareness programs such as:

Fatality Free Friday
- Fatality Free Friday is an Australian annual road safety event on the last Friday in May each year. Find out more or take the pledge here.

Australian Road Safety Awards
- The Australian Road Safety Awards, are an initiative of the Australian Road Safety Foundation. The awards add to the suite of signature programs within the annual Fatality Free Friday calendar of events. The awards are designed to acknowledge the achievements of leading road safety stakeholders and provide an opportunity to formally recognise their commitment to improving road safety outcomes. Learn more here.

Tread Safely Week
- Held in September every year, Tread Safely Week is designed to educate all road users on the important role tyres and tread depth play in vehicle safety. Learn more here.

Australian Road Safety Foundation CEO Russell White said he was thrilled to be aligning with a partner who had safety at the forefront of its operations.

"Not only do Michelin offer world-class quality tyres that help keep road users safe, they're advocates for knowledge," Mr White said.

"Our tyres really are the only thing connecting us to the road, allowing us to safely get from A to B so it's vital that we're educating vehicle owners on the importance of upkeep."

"Through this partnership with Michelin, the Foundation will be able to strengthen our ability to generate awareness on a key safety issue, while also empowering road users to be safer on our streets," he said.

For more information visit: The Australian Road Safety Foundation.

The Helping Hands program

As a part of Michelin’s global vision (to serve sustainable mobility), Michelin Australia employees participate in the Helping Hands program through the Helping Hands Australian branch. More than just a team building or training exercise, participants in the Helping Hands program build prosthetic hands that are donated to amputee landmine victims throughout the developing world. For more information on the Helping Hands program, please visit:

Porsche Kids Drive School

Michelin Australia is a proud partner of the Porsche Kids Driving School, as it fits well with Michelin’s ambition to deliver safer mobility.

The Porsche Kids Driving School has an educational focus as well as being fun, offering primary school aged children valuable road safety lessons.

At Porsche Kids Driving School children aged approximately five to nine learn basic road rules and safe driving from qualified Porsche Sport Driving School instructors and Michelin staff. They will then have the chance to practice what they were taught on a specially designed track in their own Porsche 911 pedal cars.

For more information on Porsche Kids Driving School, please visit:

Porsche Kids Drive School

Michelin Safe on the Road

Michelin Safe on the Road is a global Michelin community service program to help drivers operate their tyres safely.

Michelin aims to educate motorists on the importance of maintaining the correct tyre pressure in order to ensure their own safety as well as that of other road users.

The program involves tyre inspections to ensure they are in good condition, checking the tyre pressure and filling the tyres with air as required.