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Alan W

Without fail always quick (unless extremely busy which is understandable) and helpful service. 6 months after they fitted new tyres, I took the car in for wheel alignment, expecting to pay the quoted charge. They checked the alignment and said it was still within range. No charge. Why? Because they didn't need to do anything to realign. Not sure how many other tyre companies would have the same approach.

Pia Larsen

The team at Edgecliff are sensational! They go beyond the job at hand to help you fix your car and ensure your safety. I highly recommend them. They are always reliable and very competitive in pricing.

Jenna L

Friendly team, fast service and great value! Highly recommend.


Evan was so kind to stay back & wait for me to get there to replace my flat tyre! 5/5 customer service.

edward baker

Great service, friendly team. They went out of their way for me and were very helpful
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