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Chris Fern

Rang another tyre place about getting 2 punctures fixed. These guys were cheaper. Was told a time frame and they had it done in that time. Excellent service and well looked after.

Lisa Beckley

I went in for a tyre repair, my husband and myself spent ages each looking for anything in the tyre with a torch(every bit of tread). I was told that is was free for a repair and if they find something it will be $35. I told him nothing was in it when I left. When I got back Rowen said there was a nail in it. He went out to the work shop and came back with an L shape Allen key, that had been cut and ground down on the end. FUNNY looking NAIL haha. We would have noticed that easy in the tyre and I am sure it didn't insert and turn into the tyre to have a little piece showing on the end, like he said.. I would have rather been told it's $35 for a puncture repair and not told lies. I was thinking this is a great deal if I can get it fixed for free that in a couple of weeks i am due for 2 new tyres and I'll go back and buy them there. But not now !! No more business from me for these guys.. Can't stand business people like this.

sree kumar

66$ for wheel alignment. Trust worthy place. Has a good waiting area with coffee and news. The tyre options are good value for money deals.

Brett Nicholas

Great Team, were very clear and communicative on the phone. Competitive pricing, when compared to a few other stores in Geelong. Had no issues when I dropped off my car and was happy with the information provided plus service when I picked it up. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this dealership.

Jay Song

I want to give 10********** for this shop. We had a warning sign for tyre pressure in our VW passat the other day on a highway from Melbourne to Port Campbell. Pulled our car to the near tyre service which was Bob Jane. The guy, Mikey, I think, had a look and investigated further. We came back after 2 hours. He said no puncture in the tyres and didn't charge at all as there was no problem with the car!!! Never had this kind of service. Super impressed and two thumbs up!!! Unfortunately we live in Melbourne. But for those who live in S Geelong, you must use this shop and find Mikey.
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