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Reviews By Google

Larissa Cassidy

Brilliant, honest and reliable service. Highly recommend their services and professional opinion

Jakob Roberts

Great service, that Reno bloke smashed out my tyre in 5 minutes

Sarkis Akopov

Well organised, clean with great customer service.

Holly Emerson

*** UNSAFE TYRE ASSESSMENT DO NOT GO HERE *** I had an appointment with Bob Jane T-Mart Highgate on 16/11/19 for a full tyre assessment and realignment as I raised concern as my car felt very shaky and was loud while driving. I told my concerns to the assessor who advised that a full check would be completed. When I went that afternoon to collect the car I was told that there were no issues and charged me $55 for a wheel alignment. I had booked my car in for a service on 18/11/19 and when I collected it I was advised that my rear right tyre was so deformed and unsafe to drive on (it was 6 years old and about to burst) that the mechanic but the spare on it and advised I attend a tyre fitting place ASAP. Another totally separate tyre place agreed with the concern and could not believe that Bob Jane T-Mart Highgate had passed it as it was not road safe! I called Bob Jane T-Mart Highgate and they brushed it off with no explanation and little apology. Terrible service and customer service! I will never be back again.

Craig Levett

Great service and best price thank you
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