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Maddelan French

Intentionally sold me a set of wheels, knowing they were the wrong size for my car. Not only were they the wrong size for the vehicle, they were illegal as I have found out from taking to a reliable and honest tyre shop. Just shows you these people will tell you anything to make a sale.

Daniel Tosh

Called Bob this afternoon at midday for a roadworthy, new tyres and break rotors to be machined. I received friendly prompt service and as told I could have it done by the end of the day. Sure enough after dropping it in at 1:30 I was picking the car up at 4:15. Bob is very fair with pricing and even put in the extra effort to change a couple of threaded nuts on the wheels over for a couple of second hand spares he had laying around. 10/10 for me.

Anna P

DONT GO HERE.I will never return to have my car serviced again at this place after I had a service quote price of $150 when I booked, I clearly advised I was not sure this would be the price for my car service but for the branch to call me and advise, a few hours later the branch called and advised two things, they had gone ahead and performed the latest lot book service as per my log book, and they had found a blown light above the rego plate which theu had also gone ahead and changed... they advised me the total was $350 odd and i was in complete disbelief of this amount and thr fact that i had never given the company to do any other works outside the service without authority/ consent and also the price was completely different to their original quote... When I confronted the same man I had been dealing with on the service desk he advised next time perhaps I should view the log book to get a estimate of price that I will be expecting on a service for my car, I was in disbelief when this statement was made as how am I as a woman with low mechanical knowledge suppose to figure out the approximate price of a service with labour fees etc... what a disgusting way to handle it... there was no "sorry we didn't call to get authority prior to doing things to your car you weren't aware of and charging an exuberant amount on a car service you went aware of"... I gave this opportunity by going in and confronting the same man on the front desk I had been dealing with... As I drove away my car began making a loud obvious hollow sound coming from the tyres area, I was infuriated as it was a weekend and of course they were closed... taking it back in was another customer service nightmare. Both my mum, my brother, my partner, my sister in law, and my neighbour have all been here before, and will not be going back, too many bad stories of things going wrong I wish I had done my re search and seen the many reviews of women on here having been through poor service problems with this place..my advice, do not go here, just do not. ** admin, don't bother contacting me I want nothing more to do with this business but I will make it very known in caloundra and surrounds about this business.

Brad Waite

good quality service and friendly staff good prices

Jason Fitzsimon

Bunch of picks, attitude bigger then there skills. Never seen somebody have so much trouble fitting a set of tires and balancing them. I ask for the weights to be hidden behind each spoke, they were not and they were stacked on one another and 100 g too much per wheel. lost one wheel nut on the way home and on the same wheel 2 more were loose.. checking yielded one more wheel with loose nuts. I specifically recall asking him to torque the wheels to a specific setting with a torque wrench when I watched him do it he did not adjust the torque wrench, the torque wrench would have been set to a previous setting meaning it would be inaccurate as the tension is never released (common practice in wheel shops) oh and some of the wheel weights ended up falling off on the way to have them rebalanced and buy new wheel nuts. They are not a fully equipped work shop to carry out all wheels and tyre services and the shop is in need in refurbishment and a new manager and team with actually training past reading tyre fitment.
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