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Leanne Edwards

Nice staff great prices job always well done

sharbel s

Not a place for wheel alignments.. My tyres were worth over 2k and apparently the castor and toe was way out, on top of that they didn't take responsibility after going back there and they blamed it on pot holes and said a car needs to be realigned if you go in a pot hole, fact is I don't even recall going in one, nor is it evident that i have been, it was just their way of shaking it off. Anyway bought new tyres and took it to a proper garage, turns out the offset ball joint that i know the guy worked on cos i was watching from the carpark was 180 degrees wrong way around and it was impossible to achieve the alignment results on the print out they gave me. This is my first ever written review and I don't like putting anyone down but what happened was wrong and i hope more respect is shown in future to other clients and their cars.


I got a set of tyres here for my car, it came with a platinum package which allows the maintenance for the life of the tyres, includes discounts and vouchers for all kinds of services. The staff are awesome, friendly and helpful. They are professionals and do things by the book, so I trust them and vouch for them. They've not let me down. I adviced my family to go there for their vehicle services and they also rate them highly. I definitely recommend Jax Tyres St. Mary's.

Natalie Molluso

Very happy with the quality of service here. Have used them twice now, first for 4 new tyres which were priced very recently and then today as one of the tyres had a puncture from a nail. The guys noticed that I was overdue for a service so ended up taking care of that for me too which was also very reasonably priced. Very friendly and informative service which was great and were able to accommodate me on the same day. Thank you guys I will be back and will recommend you to my friends and family.

Ann-Rita Tinai

Quick, efficient & friendly service at a competitive price! Would definitely recommend 👍
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