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Reviews By Google

Jessica Locarnini

Jim, Jake and Sean are awesome! Thanks for looking after someone who knows nothing about cars. They're honest, knowledgeable and trustworthy. A great team.

John Rowley

Once again great service from these guys. It is so good to be able to trust a business and their staff to be honest and not try to Bulls#@t.


The team at Jax are the best any one could ask for to attend to their car. They will spend any amount of time necessary to find & locate the problem no matter how busy they are at the time. These guys are honest with pricing & will suggest any alternative that may save you money, without compromising safety. Thank you ever so much Jake & team for your wonderful customer service, you have us for life! Any female may feel assured they can rely on these guys to do the "right thing" by them. Couldnt be more impressed. Sandra & Suzuki.....

Daniel Chippindall

Prompt service also I now feel safe driving no more bald tyres 😁

News Company

On 20 Feb 2019 I wanted to replace 2 tyres on boat trailer and purchase a spare wheel. I also asked Jake to check the wheel bearings.. I was quoted $30 to do each wheel. On 3 March 2019 I checked the bill. I was charged $100.00 which I paid because I did not check the bill before paying what they asked. Lesson is to check your bill and get a quote in writing. I was contact by Jake on 18 March He said that $30 a wheel only gets you a wheel bearing retightening. He said that adding grease takes more time and it is $50 a wheel not $30.00 Given that this is the first time that I have heard or remember Jake talk about "retightening" as I asked for grease or new bearings, this is now an "I said" "You said" situation. You now have the Jax view point. Best advice is get a written quote from Jax Tyres before the work starts... whether it is new tyres or mechanical work. I told Jake that I would add his version to this review and I would never go back to Jax Tyres as trust was lost. He was happy with that outcome.
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