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Reviews By Google

Sergey Kroosch

Same old business model of suggesting unnecessary expensive repairs. The cover story is going to be some Australian safety standards, which with enough stretch of imagination will seem legitimate. They were extremely polite though.

Martin Ly

They took extra care when mounting tyres to my brand new wheels to ensure they were not scratched. I'd definitely recommend Jax Waterloo if you're OCD and don't trust other with your wheels. If this level of care and attention to detail continues, I'll be back in the future!

Jayde Palmer

FINALLY! A Trustworthy and honest mechanic that has restored all my faith in getting a service or in this case a simple puncture repair! I have been to some horrible places that charged a fortune with difficult explanations and blunt rude service .. but not here … SUPER FRIENDLY, REASSURING AND A BREAK DOWN OF EVERYTHING DONE! So patient .. I have finally found my forever mechanic!!! THANK YOU TEAM!

Madina Tanekeyeva

Good to know that the management cares about their customer service.

Nikos mykoniaths

Installed new tyres and had also wheel alignment Exceptional customer service Calling u back for anything going on with your order plus pic up your car when it’s ready No complains I’ll be a regular customer of this shop It’s not about jAX tyres as a company - I’m referring to the specific shop cos the people working inside make your life easy or not
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