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jared jeffery

Great friendly service, fast and reliable. Good value for money. Will go here again.

Chantal Denoux

Best Mechanic on the Gold Coast that I'm using for more than 10 years!. Fantastic Staff (particularly Steve) & Services for good prices.

Alex Rowan

Over several years we have had consistently good service from Bundall Tyrepower and dealing with staff members Steve, Bronson and William has always been an excellent and pleasant experience. They previously helped with a tricky wheel alignment issue on a convertible (Mercedes SL500), and on a separate occasion, repaired a puncture. Today (Jan 30, 2019) was interesting and demonstrated the honesty of Bronson, who looked at my tyres and suggested that if they were rotated, that I could expect between another 5000 and 10000 km out of them - both legally and safely. He did not try and sell me new tyres because I did not need them. I simply had a wheel rotation and balance. Unknown to Bronson, I had the previous day visited a branch of a large tyre franchise nearer my home who told me that my front tyres were illegal and that the car was not roadworthy - the owner of that business even went out of his way to tell me that the inside of the front tyres was worst. When I examined the tyres closely myself I noted that the wear band warnings had not been reached and that there was still a reasonable amount of viable tread left. I also recalled that when I had the car serviced 3000km previously, the people doing the service (a third business) said most wear was on the outer of the tyres; which was also confirmed by Bronson - he said that the insides were better! Simply speaking then, the other tyre business I visited yesterday tried to defraud me and lied about the condition of my tyres. Because I suspected fraudulent behaviour by the tyre business I visited yesterday, I decided to go somewhere I knew I could trust (Bundall Tyrepower), based on both previous experiences, and earlier recommendation from the manager of Three Point Classic; despite them being much further from my home and the journey being hindered by rush hour traffic. Bundall Tyrepower also helped me with a battery issue this morning (warnings on my car computer - Mazda 2) testing it free of charge. The battery (an iStop variety) was weak and needed replacing, which I arranged for them to do. In future, I will be attending Bundall Tyrepower for all my tyre and battery needs, and possibly servicing. I suggest you consider doing likewise.

Jessica Norman

Thanks to all the guys that quickly got me back on the road this afternoon. Fantastic service! Super glad that if I did have to have a punctured tyre I was only two streets from Tyrepower.

david poulter

They have some great specials over christmas and the holiday season
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