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Bill Rourke

Great service. Very helpful and friendly group. We cut a tire on our rental car and needed a replacement. They ordered a tire from another location and 3 hours later the tire was replaced. Appreciated the efforts as without the tire it would have impacted our vacation and been a problem getting the car back to Sydney on the temporary spare.

Dariis Kem

Had a problem with tyre pressure whilst driving from Sydney. The service guy was fantastic and did a thorough check of all the tyres and explained what had happened and what to do get information from my car computer system. I highly recommend Tyrepowe Kiama (Brown Street). 👍 Thank you for all your help Denise Fraser

Mary Davy-Griffiths

Great helpful friendly service fixing puncture on my wife’s Volvo tyre today . Highly recommended- thank you . 👍

Allan Andersen

Eleven and a half thousand/ trillion stars from me. I just went for a wheel rotation and alignment for my Hiace van. I asked one of the technicians to tow it in a little when they were doing the wheel alignment because being a sail (van) in the windy Illawarra, I really get pushed around in the wind and it's sometimes extremely hard to control. I went for a walk down to the Terralong St shops and came back, waited in their air conditioned waiting room and watched judge Judy until the job was done. DAMN these guys know what they are doing!! I couldn't believe the difference. I purchased this Hiace about four years ago for my small business and had previously owned other vans. I felt extremely unsafe when driving in the wind in this van, much more than any of the previous vans. I have slight mechanical knowledge so at first I tightened up the play in the steering (excessive movement in the steering) but that didn't change much as there was still slight play so I had the entire steering rack and column replaced, thousands of dollars later it still didn't make much difference. I knew a bout towing in (a wheel alignment setting which can help make your vehicle drive straighter) which I was able to apply it a bit each side my self after previous tyre shops that I'd asked to do it said "we only align to spec" it helped a bit but not enough to stop me from wanting to get rid of the van. On this day I drove away from Tyrepower in a completely different van. Now when I get hit by strong side winds I don't get whipped into the next lane anymore, I only feel a gradual push from the side that I can comfortably control, I feel safe and after four years I now really like driving my van. I don't know exactly how they did it but it just drives sooo goood. I'm only coming here from now on. You can feel confident about asking Tyrepower at Kiama. Keep up the good work guys. I'll be back so remember what you did for next time :)

Filiz Bensan

Excellent all round service. Really friendly and helpful staff.
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