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martin de Vos

Two months after repair to rear end of my car the P/Rear tyre showed excessive shoulder wear. I was sent to Al - Rays Tyrepower to have alignment checked. And was told that there was nothing wrong with the Alignment, they told me it was due to running low tyre pressure they sold me a new tyre, fitted and balanced. I normally run 34 PSI on my tyres so i bumped it up to 38 PSI. the tyre scrubbed in the same way in only a few months. All of my other tyres showed little but normal wear. The tyre became to dangerous to drive on. So I went else where and had 5 tyres fitted and balanced plus alignment. The alignment at this dealer showed up my concern for why my tyre was wearing out so quickly. a Picture say's it all. I certainly would not take my vehicle back to Al-Ray Tyerpower ever again

Dean Brandt

fantastic service

Blastoise 62

Shae Kennedy

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