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Rosalyn Wilson

Very unprofessional and dishonest. Sold me an eBay radiator that leaked for 4x the cost. When went back they tried multiple excuses until I gave up and walked out hoping karma will take care of them. Absolute bottom feeders!

Joy Perrett

Had a radiator that was 11 years old and needed a new one. Paid $306 cash - a few months later it blew out on the side where the "PLASTIC" meets the metal. Took it back and got it replaced under warranty. A few months later this one did the same thing in the same place. We were told it must be something wrong with the car. As it turns out these defective radiators are the cheapest on the market. We have been offered a new radiator "ALL METAL" for $170.This offer was not made by Tweed Radiators. They virtually told us "BAD LUCK" the warranty is only valid on the first one purchased and not the replacement item - are you serious!!
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