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ck yn

I work nearby and went there twice because it was convenient. First time had four tires replaced. Car came back with no valve caps. Went back and they palmed it off as a joke and then gave me caps to install myself. Second time had a punctured spare repaired. Wheel came back with shorter valve stems than the original so there is barely enough clearance to check tire pressure without scratching the wheel. Discussed with others at work and found they also had poor experience with this mob and we all decided to boycott this place.

Michelle Bauser

Extremely happy with the service! Rang in the morning about getting new tyres and they were able to fit me in that afternoon. Very reasonable price, friendly and helpful staff with excellent customer service. Highly recommend!

Bryan O'Donnell

The guys at Bridgestone Milton made my week with their honest expertise. I had all sorts of problems with my LandRover Services at Austral LandRover over the last 3 Services. The Austral LandRover Service Center could not even change an oil filter correctly. Austral LandRover Service Center was unable to fix the suspension problems I had with my Discovery. In fact they created most of the problems by creating an oil leak by not fitting an oil filter correctly. The guys at Bridgestone Milton saved the day by correcting the gross wheel alignment problems which then solved all the suspension problems. All this was part of the complementary service as part of buying my near tyres. These guys show that LandRover Service Department do not deserve any of our business. Now I go to the high quality mechanics at Bridgestone Milton for trustworthy highly skilled quality servicing

Gunes Sonmez

Stay away. If a tyre service does not know how to align wheels, you must stay away. My service to their next door apparently subcontracted these guys for my new tyres and wheel alignment. Then I get the car back as all done. I drive and right away realise no change in wheel pulling to left. I take it back. Apparently they now fix it, but still unhappy with car. After 2 months I see major wear in front tyres, My wife gets alignment checked elsewhere. Report says alignment way out. And what was done that second time was countering a tilt to left by wrong means resulting in more tyre wear. I go to my service and we talk to these guys. Their apparent gross negligence and then wilful misconduct... Rude, dismissive, ugly bogan attitude... Rene or whatever the guy's name is.. He says your tyres are still legal... When lost most their lives in few hundred km's...!!!! Did not bother to waste more nerves.. Such a simple issue and such dishonesty and lies. Think about what these guys can do under the hood to your car. Stay away.....

Kristy Robinson

easy to get a quote online and then called to book for a couple of days ahead. got a tyre replacement which only took half hour and there’s lots of places nearby for coffee and food. they called when it was ready and everything was easy. super friendly guys too.
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