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Jack Zervos

Being Christmas Eve the team was really under the pump as well as short staffed and yes we had booked 2 cars in a week ago but they had our cars as well as some very demanding walk ins to deal with and yet the service was prompt, courteous, efficient and professional when it could have quite easily been the total opposite! Their prices for top quality name brand tyres were also much much cheaper then any comparable suppliers ....Not sure how anyone can give these guys a poor review .....I saw them at their worst and they were excellent .... well done and thank you !

Cameron Smith

The most helpful & engaging Tyre mechanics you will ever meet. Store Manager's Paul Kontellis & Mark Edwards + team are straight forward thinking, and more importantly - will be cost-effective in their approach to meeting your vehicle's needs. You can't go wrong here. Champions :)

Josie Minni

My experience with Brendan was one that can only be described as awesome. Talk about customer service with a plus. I had an accident with the medium strip and ended up with 2 flat tyres. NRMA took 3 hours to get to me with a tow. I rang Bob Jane Gladesville at 4.30 on the Friday before Christmas. They close at 5.30. NRMA advised the tow would be another 2 hours but Brendan gave me his number said they were going for Christmas dinner and to call him and he would walk up. By the time we got to Gladesville it was 6.45pm and Brendan was waiting. I am eternally grateful to have encountered such a caring person who went right out of his way after closing hours. Thank you Brendan and your team. Happy New Year. Giuseppina Minni

Vikrant Singh

2nd experience: as promised from my last review, got a subaru outback and went back to Paul to get some more yokohama tyres! Cannot fault the experience! Getting all my tyres rotated from them every year as the advice they give is on point and customer service is still outstanding 10 months later. Keep it up Paul and team! The best experience I have had so far getting my tires changed. Spoke to Paul and Sara and both were extremely helpful. Paul had given me the time to discuss different options for my Suzuki Vitara 2015 over numerous phone calls. I never once felt as if in a hurry to make a decision. We finally ended up getting a slightly different size tire for my car which according to Paul and Sara's calculations would fit perfectly and they did. I bought the Yokohama G015 A/T PC tyres which have improved my handling, ride quality, and now they are the toughest tyres for my little vitara. Also they are the quietest tyres I have ever owned! I am so happy with my purchase because of Paul and Sara and I will be coming back for my all my cars in the future. Will recommend to anybody who wants to get great service! Also had the best waiting room with coffee, juices, air con, tv, you name it!

Paul Aaron

I put a review about your manager Brendan and his bad attitude towards me when I was after a price on tyres you took my review down please leave my honest review as this is what reviews are about if your manager has bad customer service which made me go else where for my tyres I would like others to know the experience I had . bob Jane Granville service was fantastic.......
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