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Very kindly fixed my tyre with a nail in it. Did a great job at no notice. Will now be a loyal customer given great service. Tyre as good as new.

Jarrod Stevens

Called up at 4 on a Sunday, and had 4 new tyres fitted by 5pm. Great quick and affordable!

Fabian De Angelis

My odd job was no hassle. Didn't try to sell me extra stuff. Easy to deal with!

A Cahyono

Friendly and helpful, not trying to lie to you or oversell stuff that you dont need. Price is also very competitive. I booked for the rotation and balancing, but on top of that I saw that they also checked spare tyre pressure, all four tires pressure and put a tyre shine. I will give one extra star for that. On the flip side, their wheel alignment on my honda is no good for me. First attempt gave good alignment but steering wheel crooked to the left. Second attempt the next day, now car is pulling to the left and steering wheel also crooked to the left. Giving me paper report saying all good is one thing. The issue I found is that they did not do a road test after they complete the alignment,how can they say alignment is correct without roadtest?? Update: brought the car to other tyre shop around the area (Continental tyre mitcham), their report showed that total toe is out by too much, hence pulling to one side. This is one day after Bob Jane report showing good alignment. I have invoices and before/after reports from both shops if interested, wondering why two alignment machines give different reading results. But most importantly, this other shop did the test drive 2x to ensure paper result matches the reality. The car is now going straight, not pulling and steering wheel is straight. Not going back there again Bob Jane..

Nadzri Sani

Friendly staff..efficient service..went on Sunday morning because done less than 1 hour..
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