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Kerrie Calvert

Brilliant service. Great advice. Prompt service. Thanks guys

Azee Swaleheen

Always shop around for the best deals & negotiate.

Paul Adcock

This is my 3rd car to this store For God learn how to bloody balance tyres clean the rim before you put your double sided tape weights on sick and tired of having it go somewhere else to get it re balanced and pay for it can't understand how you are running his businesses personal opinion

Brooke Crouch

My husband had a puncture in his tyre and as we both work full time, we are pressed for time. Phil organised to collect the car from my workplace, repair the tyre (a small nail) and returned the car back to my workplace. What outstanding service!!!!

denise gloynes

Was attended to promptly. Had four new tires on my Nissen within​ a short time and enjoyed a cupper while waiting.
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