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Emily Wootton

Amazing service thank you to all who helped me with my daughter whilst I waited for new tyres

Adam Li

Very bad customer service. Purchased 4 tyres and found the rear two are different models to each other although same in size. Informed the manager about the mistake and was told they will replace the wrong one. However, never receive their contact for the issue. Every time I went there or call them to ask for an update, he just told me the same and ask me to wait his call for a firm date for the replacement. Never receive a single call from him or anyone from the shop. I have sent an email to bobjane. Will wait for another couple of days to see if they are going to help or not before file a complaint at Fair trading NSW. They quoted about $150 more than another local store. Only purchased because they have stock and close to me. Not recommended.

Dave Ross

Fantastic service provided and great prices As mentioned below will beat any Competitors genuine quote. My two girls also received an ice block on such a hot day.

Prakash Singh

I had taken my Nissan Xtrail for a wheel alignment. Before I took the Xtrail for the alignment the Xtrail was pulling to the right, it drove very silently. After I had the alignment done , as I drove the xtrail I could hear a noise it sounded like tyre noise I thought it was normal . The noise got louder I took the xtrail back to Bob Jane and explained what had happened. I was told it as nothing to do with the alignment, I then to the xtrail to my mechanic who advised that the sound is coming from the front tires . The noise kept getting louder. Recently I had taken the vehicle to Bob Jane Castle Hill, the vehicle was checked and I was told that the two front tyres needs to be replaced. I have also noticed that the tyres now has ware from the outside. This is because the alignment was not done properly in the first place. Its sad when you trust big names and than realise what you get. it is shocking that no one want to listen. Now they want to sell me tyres. All my tyres have 80% threads. I also check the Xtrail forum and it is evident that if the alignment is off or suspension problem you will hear tyre noise.

Matt Orton

Best price in town for Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2's and always great service here from the Bob Jane team at Castle Hill.
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