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tony bridgeman

Good service and located in walking distance to a major shopping center

Susan Sokolenkos

Great tyre place. Awesome service. Prompt service.

Adam james

Bunch of cowboys! i would never go here again. Nothing but problems from stripped wheel nuts to wheels not balanced properly,balance weights falling off and dodgy wheel alignment. I had a problem with my front tyre scalloping badly so i kept taking it back to try and get it fixed but with no luck at all so i took it to ian diffan in wangara and they fixed the problem straight away. Stay away from this mob their utterly useless.

Sarah Pahlavi

The worst experience I’ve ever had! I’m thinking about contacting my lawyer! I have had more cars than one can count - all foreign (i.e. Mercedes, BMW, Range Rover etc) and I’ve always taken care of my cars both in appearance and the cars “health” as some would call it. So, I change my tyres often, my rims are VERY important to me etc. Today I payed $955 to change all for tyres on my Mercedes A180 and NOT ONLY DID THEY MESS UP THE COMPUTER SYSTEM ON MY CAR, they damaged severely two of my rims and refused to take responsibility. I mean, I would’ve been okay with an apology for the rims but the fact that they treated me like an absolute idiot offended me. But the fact that they messed up the computer system on my car and had the audacity to tell me that “it’s because tyres need to sync to Bluetooth and it takes over night” furiated me! I have been driving German cars (specifically Mercedes, multiple kinds) EVERY DAY for YEARS now and in doing so, obviously, as mentioned above, I’ve changed all four, just one, or two (in many different orders) of my tyres at the same time and in none of those have I had this problem. The manager looked at me like I was an idiot and refused to take responsibility for ANYTHING! I’m going to give it until tomorrow. If the problem with my computer isn’t fixed by then, I will be suing for BOTH MY RIMS AND MY COMPUTER System. Mind you that I HAVE PICTURES OF MY RIMS before I took it to the shops. They were perfectly fine. Absolutely pathetic. And don’t even get me started on the wait time. From 12pm to 3:30pm. I suggest you only go here if you’re looking for a headache and a damaged car.

Tony Stevenson

My wife was on holidays and had a puncture on 1 of our new 5 toyo tyres. The salesmen didn't have a toyo tyre so they sold her a nitto tyre. They should have told her to find a tyre seller that sold toyo tyres. They took off the damaged tyre which had mud inside the rim. They couldn't be bothered to wash off the mud when they balanced the tyre. I would recommend to stay well clear of this unprofessional unethical business.
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