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Sergio Walter Ruz

Good service, large range of tires. They are very quick. Didn't have to wait long. They have lots of staff. The coffee machine wasn't working but who cares, you don't get a tyre specialist providing you with coffee anywhere anyway. I highly recommend them.

Vicky Li

I am a new driver and this was my first time to replace a flat tyre. Great service with good price at Bob Jane T-Marts Liverpool. I am very happy with the product and service.


Was quoted $66 over the phone for a wheel alignment but when my mum arrived there with the car they tried to charge her $75. When told what I was quoted they then lowered the price. Definitely something funny going on! The good thing was it was all finished within 30min.

Patrick Bonzo

Emergency puncture repair on a Sunday! The only blokes open in the area. Excellent service. Friendly, helpful and polite staff.

Kevin Elevo

Always open and honest. Had two tyre punctures over the last year, they didn't try to con me like other places and said your tyre is quite new and it could be patched. They literally saved me hundreds. Really appreciate this place and the business ethics they have. Good coffee as well. Highly recommend.
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