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Victor Grunewald

A+ service. Once of the only shops these days that you find and they don’t try to rip you off and they care of what they are doing. Manager Alan and their crew are fantastic and very knowledgable. I did not only purchase a couple new tires, they also fixed an issue that I have from a previous service at Nissan. Thank you.

Dion O'Neill

Excellent service. Dropped in the car with a flat and it was fixed when they said it would be and even better it was free. Spare all put away and everything in it's place. Great Work Bob Janes.

Wuttitorn O

Very friendly and honest. I had a tyre pressure warning close to their closing time and they were happy to stay back to look at my car. The issue was inconsistent tyre pressure so they fixed it and didnt charge me a cent. It's very hard to find vendor like this these days. Highly recommend.

Yelena Petrovic

Some of the best customer service I have ever received! Allan, Johnny and John you are absolute angels. I will definitely be back and recommending to everyone I know!

Lynden Gare

What a great team of staff. So nice to have loyalty rewarded after a nail in a tyre!
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