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Anthony Hamilton

Wht amazing service. great advise given. just found my new tyre shop.

Michael Burridge

I have only had good experiences here. Excellent friendly service


This was my first time at any Bob Jane shop ever. After my regular mechanic let me down, I had no idea where to go next. I took the leap and went to Bob Jane at Mt Ommaney to get myself a full set of new Bridgestone RE003s. From walking through the door, the guys at the counter greeted me nicely and were ready to serve. The guy was enthusiastic and answered every enquiry I had. Also broke down the price/cost of the invoice for me so I understood what I was getting myself into. Waiting room is well equipped with coffee machine, vending machine, TV, seating and toilets. All with a full view of their workshop so you can see what they're doing to your car while you wait. As soon as my car was done, the guy came into the waiting room to call me and, again, broke down the price for me. Also told me about all the deals/offers that they have going on and then gave me my keys to let me on my way. Will definitely be back here. Awesome stuff. 5/5.

Steve Bailey

Yes they were really good they sorted out all my Tyre issues .

Steve Young

Only had tyres replaced by a servicing place before this. However, my mind has been changed. Bob Jane were quick, super professional and cheap! I could see my car the entire way through the process from the waiting room, while sipping on a free coffee. Two tyres replaced and all aligned in about 50mins (although the sign does say to allow 90mins usually). But if you have a novel at your fingertips and don't want to pay for an uber home, the wait is comfy, air-conditioned, TV equipped, with magazines and a vending machine if you do get peckish. Highly recommend *****
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