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Steve Cross

Great service and really friendly staff. A punctured wheel really wasn't what I wanted to be dealing with on a Monday morning, but the team at Bob Jane Oakleigh made things as easy as they could have been. Really helpful and very accommodating. Thanks especially to Dan!

Michael Shatter

The manager, Daniel provided excellent service from the time I drove in. I was provided an estimate of the duration of the work and was contacted within that estimate when the car was ready. Highly recommended as they not only offered great value, but provided excellent service. Many thanks Bob Jane.

Matey Mate

Excellent. Took my car in and they corrected a previously poor wheel alignment job. The car now drives like new! Taking in my other car for 4 tyres and a wheel alignment tomorrow. So good to find competent operators who serve you with a smile and don't rip you off on price. Would give more stars if I could.

Penny Pps

Great customer service. Dan was fantastic with helping me with my punctured tire in such a timely manner. I've been there before, would go again and definitely recommend.


Had a slow leak in one of my tyres. Called in just before closing and Raj stayed back a whole hour after closing to replace all 4 tyres and wheel alignment at competitive price. I don’t think I’ll go anywhere else in future! :)
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