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Tosh Raumati

Great service, prices and range of products. Would definitely recommend 👍

Leigh Gardner

Short story , very unprofessional. Bought wheels online , Bob Jane Port Kennedy we’re going to fit for me . Was told yeah no dramas they will fit. And they didn’t. Scratched one of the new rims putting back in my ute after they tried fitting them , assistant tried to tell me it was in transport or the guys that’s serviced Ranger down the road did it lol , why would they take the tyres out . Pfffft I ensured they were in correct and the one that was scratched was stacked facing up against my hard plastic tray , which scratched that as well. So not only they said they were good to fit and didn’t , one rim was scratched. Lucky I found one new rim for sale , that they put the tyre off the scratched rim onto the new one for free. Should have bought the tyres and rims off me aswell . As they are meant to know if the new rims and tyres would fit. Not happy Jane


Would like to thank Marc for his great customer service. I called first thing in the morning, literally at their opening time as I was in desperate need of 4 new tyres. I asked if they could fit me in that morning and he did, he asked me a couple of questions in regards to my car and also gave me some reccomendations on the deals they have, which is great because I'm on a tight budget. The service itself took as long as they said which was only 90 minutes, and I am overal happy with my experience. If you are looking at killing some time while you wait there is a nice cafe across the street called Ellie's Cafe.

Zoey McCormick

Money orientated franchise branch with cloaked customer service. Very disappointed.

Dave Robinson

Excellent service and advice
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