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Ashling Hartigan

Amazing service. Very nice staff. Staff warned me it would take 30 minutes and they did it in 15.

Troy Fitzsimmons

Good prices for tyres and great customer service and value for money I suggest that if you are in the area and in need of tyres go to Bob Jane t marts

Ron Murray

Great service top staff

Chris Soulsby

After attempting to make contact with a number of tyre stores in the area by email to get advice and a quote for replacement, and not receiving a single reply, I had resigned myself to getting the tyre fitted in Sydney, that was until I realised I'd missed one. The manager greeted me and immediately assessed my situation and made a recommendation, offered me a great price, and proceeded to fit the tyre immediately. This is my tyre shop ! And I'll make sure that all my friends, family and the hundreds of customers I serve each week, know where to go.

Aine Seavers

Superb customer service, very honest genuine team, lovely calm honest atmosphere, no over selling or upselling, just what was needed and no more, great value for money and somewhere my daughter and I have gone back several times now and never felt uncomfortable or pressurised.
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