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Daniel Tosh

Called Bob this afternoon at midday for a roadworthy, new tyres and break rotors to be machined. I received friendly prompt service and as told I could have it done by the end of the day. Sure enough after dropping it in at 1:30 I was picking the car up at 4:15. Bob is very fair with pricing and even put in the extra effort to change a couple of threaded nuts on the wheels over for a couple of second hand spares he had laying around. 10/10 for me.

Jason Fitzsimon

Bunch of picks, attitude bigger then there skills. Never seen somebody have so much trouble fitting a set of tires and balancing them. I ask for the weights to be hidden behind each spoke, they were not and they were stacked on one another and 100 g too much per wheel. lost one wheel nut on the way home and on the same wheel 2 more were loose.. checking yielded one more wheel with loose nuts. I specifically recall asking him to torque the wheels to a specific setting with a torque wrench when I watched him do it he did not adjust the torque wrench, the torque wrench would have been set to a previous setting meaning it would be inaccurate as the tension is never released (common practice in wheel shops) oh and some of the wheel weights ended up falling off on the way to have them rebalanced and buy new wheel nuts. They are not a fully equipped work shop to carry out all wheels and tyre services and the shop is in need in refurbishment and a new manager and team with actually training past reading tyre fitment.

Jono Proud

Fantastic workshop! Great on price, service was great, friendly staff, only place I left with my car actually driving straight after wheel alignment! Will definitely recommend to friends and family!

Rebekah Daw

What legends! Got a flat tyre 300m up the road and gave them a call 15min before closing on a Saturday - the guys said “come in we’ll fix it for ya”. In record time they repaired my tyre just before closing shop on a Saturday. Saved my day guys - thank you very much!!

Alisha Cooper

Good business and service. Was happy to get my car running again. Will definitely come back
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