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Samuel Lee

Fantastic customer service. They helped me understand what I needed, and understood my budget requirements. Quick and efficient service!

Martin O'Loughlin

Competitive pricing for tyres reasonable service, professional knowledgeable business.

Yaniv Shalom

These guys are honest ! Not all mechanics are ! I had a problem with my steering wheel column, another mechanic told me it was a $900 fix, these guys told me Ford have done a recall and would replace it. Definitely will use again in future.


My friend got his 4 tyres new. I m in the car right now, the vibration is annoying. Bad wheel balancing! (Later) Got it back, and they fixed the balancing.

Tim Bradfield

I assisted with helping person from the general public, who had taken a fall outside Jax tyres, due to low blood pressure, I purchased chocolate from a 7/11 to assist the persons recovery, as a good will gesture for my good will the office manager charged me nothing for a puncher repair. Its a perfect example of Karma. Thank you Jax tyres. Merry Christmas
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