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Alan Silberstein

Just got some new tyres fitted and a wheel alignment but now when I drive the steering is a little bit off centre I don't know whether it's a tyres have to bed in or not but I just rang them up I said bring it back tomorrow and I'll have another look at it never had this problem with them before but then so different crew on there by the looks of it so I hope they can sort it

Suzanne Sharp

Wonderful service, quick turnaround, friendly staff, the Manager Michael is a super guy.

Sokhan Deing

good customer service friendly staff Michael was a great help

Graeme Kemlo

Godd advice and fair price

Rajesh Subramanian

Got a set of 4 Michelin PS4 from them. Glen and Michael were both very courteous and professional every time I spoke to them on the phone. Michael even loaned me a little corolla to go to work as they were working on my car. Professional service, I'll recommend them to all, and will continue using their services.
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