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Des Williams

Never had a problem with them, fantastic service, they check everything & give you a curisty call on what needs to done with a pricing & how urgent it is with no pressure that you have to have it done now.

Vivek Bannore

Friendly and helpful staff. Had a smooth transaction from the booking to pickup.

Mitchell Fenton

Sam & all the lads at Jax Tyres North Lakes have been a total game changer for me and getting my car serviced. Not only do they do great, very affordable tyres, wheel alignments, wheel balances & every else tyre related, they do full certified services on any make or model car. I have a European car that would cost at least double or triple if I went elsewhere and there's no way they could possible be as efficient, honest, hard working & loyal as the team at Jax North Lakes. My insurance company sent me to a dodgy sent me to a dodgy insurance "Smash Repairer" & half the damage remained unfixed even after paying my $900 excess.....soon after I took my car to Sam & the team at Jax Tyres North Lakes & not only did Sam do a full comprehensive report for the Insurer to say the damage still present was clearly caused by the accident, he spoke directly to the insurer on my behalf & convinced him that in-fact the damage had been caused by the accident & that the "smash repairer" had failed to attend to all the issues..... After Sam's brilliant work & going to the next level of customer service, my Insurer agreed to pay Jax Tyres North Lakes directly to fix the thermostat & headlights at no additional cost to me. The work was brilliantly done & they fixed the other mobs mistakes! Can't recommend anyone in North Brisbane who needs any car serviced or new tyre's....GO TO JAX NORTH LAKES!!!! You won't EVER be let down!

Heidi A

Great service and a genuine effort made to keep costs down and to provide alternative options on repair. Left feeling helped, not ripped off.

Grant Jennings

Super friendly, efficient, well priced tyre servicing.
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