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Steven Morris

Excellent service, very friendly. John is a champ. Also, his prices were better than another garage we got quotes from. Thanks.

Rene Kitselaar

Been lookin after our 2 cars tyres for 20 years always prompt service and good value

Susan Gravier

Recommended by a friend, I called John to ask advice and to make an appointment to replace 4 tyres. We spoke for 10 minutes about options and I appreciated the way he explained all the options and was conscious of value for money. Having dropped my car off this morning he recommended that I change only 2 tyres as the other two had sufficient (2/3 tread). I appreciated the way he explained the work that he’d done in replacing the tyres and the realignment and what to expect in the future In a day where we yearn for reliable, sensible, no fuss, trustworthy service, it’s refreshing to meet John.

John Liu

The best service and price. Very nice work and high efficiency.


Picked John Murphy Tyre and Wheel Centre at random after moving to Adelaide. John is a talented and ethical tyre mechanic. As I don't know much about wheels he could probably have convinced me I needed anything, but he wasn't pushy at all, in fact he was the opposite. He helped me understand what was important and where money could be saved based on the state of the mismatched tyres on the used car I had brought to him. With a deal they had advertised at the time, the value was hard to believe based on what people I've spoken to since have said. I'll be seeing him first for anything wheel related from here on in.
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