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Andy Cave

Brilliant customer service thank you.

Amanda Lee

Excellent customer service received by this business today during an emergency. One of our trucks had a tyre pop and we had a second job to get to urgently. Time was critical. Matt was efficient and friendly on the phone, had the tyre in store and the price was excellent. He sent the mobile vehicle out to us and we were on our way in no time. As a business owner I couldn't have asked for better customer service or speed to resolve our problem. I'm so grateful, thanks Matt. We'll be coming to you from now on for our truck tyres and any future mobile emergencies. I highly recommend this business.

Stephen Shanks

Awesome quick response times for emergency flat tyre and replacing worn-out rear tyres.

ben dover

maybe Ray saw through an opportunist? How a plastic bin could cause damage at very low speed the same as an axe hitting your tailgate is beyond belief. Best tyre supplier on Gold Coast

Matt Finnigan

Terrible, don't bother. When I arrived the tyres I had booked were not there and I had to wait till they picked them up from another store. Then I witnessed my car being reversed into a wheelie bin. I reported the incident to the staff member at the front who came to look at the car. Unfortunately I didn't spot the damage done by the hard edge of the bin till a couple of days later. Then they do not do wheel alignments at the store you have to drive down to Bridgestone to get it done (this was not mentioned to me on when booking the new tyres even when I mentioned that I wanted a wheel alignment). When I spotted the damage to the tailgate a couple of days later I called the manager and e-mailed pictures of the damage who said he would forward onto their insurance company. After waiting over a month for a reply Ray the manager responded with "The liability team at our insurers have advised that your claim will not be processed. The reason being that I am not satisfied that alleged damage on 3/8/16 at our premises was not caused by us but pre-existing. Nothing was reported to me from employees about damage to your vehicle." Note that Ray does not deny the incident occurred, just that no damage was reported at the time. It is just a coincidence that I have damage to EXACTLY the spot on my vehicle where the hard edge of the bin is when reversing on the driveway out the front of the shop.
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