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Robin Holland

Big thanks to urban scooters for their help on getting my scooter back on the road. Had a full service and it came out looking good as new. I would recommend urban scooters to anyone looking for a decent and honest scooter mechanic. These guys were great to deal with.

harold jackson

Had what i needed. Helpful but showed utter contempt for the brand of scooter i was repairing. Im self employed and some jobs are lemons but i don't tell them what a waste of money they have done. Instead i suggest ways to overcome and fix the problem, im sure they dont need reminding of their predicament. Anyway if u like my review please click Like Cheers

Brandon Clews

Had my Kymco scooter serviced here and also had the rear wheel replaced. Urban scooters provided quality advice as well as a great price for the service. There were also the small touches done like giving my scooter a complete wipe down after the servicing which was not expected but greatly appreciated. Thanks guys

Darren Whittaker

May as well have been invisible not even a simple gesture to acknowledge I was even there stood there for ages wouldn't even make eye contact 10 feet away. Potentially lost a $7,000 sale

Lori Munroe

Most amazing service. Great place.
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