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Justine Mickle

Gave immediate and expert advice and didn't press or even advise the expensive option. Refused to take pay to check my friend's tyre which had a daunting bolt in it...but dvised didn't require expensive new replacement. Really trust them.

Bex Lawther

Nice, family owned business, Judy was lovely. I went in with a rear end issue, to check a possible balancing issue, ended up I had a tyre seperation, easy pick up. Tried desperately to get some advice on new steer tyres, which I need, but hadn't done any research yet. Not sure if the guys didn't like the look of me, or my 1973 Buick Riviera, but I got nothing. So unfortunately, as much as I'd love to keep my business local, Ill have to go elsewhere. Customer service here needs some improvement. They need to make their customers feel like they are part of their family owned business to create loyalty. Sorry guys.

Damian Quinsee

Was quoted $200 for 2 x 275/40R20 tires. Offered to pay cash to help the bloke out. Upon installation I was quoted $200 each when I was under the impression that that price was for the pair. Upon investigation I found out the same tires are available online at $107 each. To be attempted to be charged $200 for fitment is a deadset joke. Ended up being stung $300 in total. Will take my business elsewhere in future.

Shane de bolster

Left my seat dirty and left wheel cap off .

Glenn Marler

I had a punture fixed here, the staff were so friendly and efficient. I will definitely be going back when I need to change my tyres. Recommended.
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