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Martin Collard

Great team, fantastic service and highly recommended. I turned up with no appointment for a wheel rotation and the team immediately got the job done there and then. Speed of service and attention to detail were both excellent. with all wheels removed very carefully and, upon replacement, all wheel nuts tightened with a torque wrench, important with expensive alloys. Tarik did a fantastic Job and couldn't do enough to help. Customer service like this is often rare and I'm really impressed and will be heading back for new tyres in the future, Thanks guys

Mona Morgan

Helped me beyond anything I would have expected. Really went out of their way to provide amazing service and care when I was in a tough spot. Can't recommend highly enough.

Mark Burrage

Want above and beyond all expectations that's why go back the best wheel service in perth great price and workmanship you can trust AA+

Ian Visser

Friendly, helpful and efficient

Bryan Bergkamp

Very kind and friendly staff. They repaired my tire for free in less than ten minutes, and apologized that they couldn't come help me take the wheel off my car because they couldn't leave the shop unattended (which I didn't ask for).
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