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Bertram Daniel

I drove many km’s with a run-flat tyre to this store and by the time I got there it was shredded. I was advised that it would’ve a day before they could replace it, so I had a good mate bring me one from Melbourne. Instead of waiting at the store, at their suggestion they dropped us off in town, which gave us the opportunity to have lunch and kill some time. When the tyre arrived, which was after closing time it was fixed asap at a very nominal price. This was service beyond my expectation and thank you

Harrison Hawke

best tyre shop around. has always look after me and my family. would high recommend

Troy Flower

Excellent, professional, trustworthy service - Thankyou ...Sonia

J Cartwright

Paid $575 for 4 tyres and a wheel aligment for a Kia Rio ..wheel aligment not done, noticed it as soon as I left there.. Returned about 1min later and asked if it was done.. Yes was the answer. .got car serviced by Kia approximately 1month later. .Car needs wheel aligment...Hard too get through too on phone. .One minute line is clear,next its broken unclear and disrupted...wouldnt go there again. ..thanks for ur service..

tom duncan

Always helpfull
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