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Gaurav Kaushal

I got my Hyundai Excel mh31014 tyres mend yours shop years from was awesome service


Unfortunately very poor service, they are good when they are providing service for tyres but do not take your car for regular service which they have started recently (I assume) as they do not provide proper service information in advance in regards to the price and after they have completed the regular checks with my car, I found that they actually took out headlight bulb, was not sure about the reason but at the end they did not put it back in and they ended up telling me that my left headlight was not working. Hey dude if you take a headlight bulb out it would not work for sure. I put it back in it was working just fine. Oddly, when they completed the service with my car they were asking me to buy a new air filter and replace it by myself. What on Earth I brought my car to service to you then if I am gonna replace it myself. I will stay away from those fellas next time.

Ben Skidmore

Extremely helpful, awesome service, highly recommend

Amber K

Have been twice and both times the guys here have been able to sort me out right away. Will keep coming back here

Sandra Angela

The best experience and amazing service! Very knowledgeable family run business, highly recommend! I will definitely use services more often!
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