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Sue ratclıff

I found myself in urgent need of a blue slip on New Years Eve 2018, having inadvertently allowed my registration to expire. I was impressed, and very grateful, that Treads Tyrepower were able to provide the required examination and blue slip on what must have been a very busy day. I was able to obtain all the necessary paperwork allowing me to re-register my car on the day. Special thanks to your receptionist, Sam, for her efficiency and good humour. Thanks Ted Ted

Robert Pegrum

Put my old EL Falcon in for four new tyres and a wheel alignment. When i picked up the car was told could not do alignment because of other problems that exist. Fitted new tyres and was given a quote for repairs, no hassles or dramas. Very pleased with the service, Plus the service lady was very cheerful. Will be getting repairs done ASAP by there team

Daniel Burt

Kept me informed of what was happening with my car during the replacement of tyres, but I suspect someone used a rattle gun to wind the spare back up. Only found out because I couldn't wind the spare back up after a different tyre blew. Took it back here and they said it was fine, they could get it back up. Drove down the street and heard it drop again. I then lowered the tyre and again couldn't get it back up. They said it was probably because the gears were worn on the tyre winch but I don't think the spare can have been used enough to wear out as the tyre is an original. They didn't seem interested in discussing the idea that it was one of the mechanics taking a short cut with the rattle gun and over tightening it.

doug cliff

These guys no thier stuff. Highly recomended. They have been the only people that can do a proper wheel alingment on my ranger.

Roger Davis

Fixed my lawnmower wheel for free. Couldnt complain :) happy days
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