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Sam Probett

I will never take my car anywhere else! Tyre Power Morley is a mechanic that I can trust, Steve (owner) and Paul (mechanic) are both outstanding! They would never overcharge and they go well above and beyond as the genuinely care about the customers. I bought a second-hand car that had some problems which Paul diagnosed as the timing belt and referred me back to the dealer. After the dealer "fixed" the problem my timing belt snapped which was quoted at over $4000 to fix. Both Steve and Paul helped me and gave advice on how to follow up with the dealer who should be responsible for the bill. Steve housed my car free of charge until I was in a position to pay for the repairs and wrote a letter that I could take to court to reclaim the money. After almost 2 months I asked Paul to fix my car. He managed to fix the car for $1100! A fraction of the quoted price as he approached the problem in a way that meant I did not need to replace the engine head. I have never been to a mechanic that would go so far out of their way to help and also save so much money. Most mechanics who have been given the go-ahead on a $4000 job would do the work as quoted, not try and find a way to do it so much cheaper. I cannot speak highly enough of Tyre Power Morley and would recommend them to anyone.

michael Panizza

Service was great. Managed to get booked in the day after ringing, they supplied the tyres that I had researched and at the cost I had found online. Service was really fast and efficient

Paul Cooper

Been here a few times and always found them to be very professional and helpful

Bob A

The guys at Morley Tyrepower are always helpful and give excellent advice. Highly recommended!

Teegan Lincoln

Rude, condescending, and unhelpful on the phone. I called to make a booking, and when I didn't immediately know the size of tyre I needed I was told "Call back when you know" and hung up on, by who I'm pretty sure was the owner, Steve. Needless to say, I will not be buying tyres from Tyrepower Morley.
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