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iWooHoo 'I got a good deal'

Had a puncture in one of the work vans. They slotted it in for repair immediately and perfect job. Well priced. Thanks - very appreciated.


Rip off! don’t ever go there, they’re willing to take your money. Been there not once but twice and same issue happened. Never going back there ever again

Vojtěch Krejčí

Definitely DONT recommend. Very unwilling people and rip off. Wanted to fix punctured tyre and balance all wheels - guy looking at me like massive job. Ended up with 1 wheel balanced, fixed puncture and being charged two wheel balance. Dont you balance wheel anyway after you take it of the rim?

Georjes Sassine

Worst tyre place ever, went there just for a puncture half an hour later he tells me he didn't find a patch didnt even end up getting done, would not recommend it at all

cel05 celo

In and out in 10 mins for replacement tyre.
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