MICHELIN agricultural tyres are providing solutions in a wide range of farming and agro-industrial applications throughout Australia.

One of the main characteristics of the agricultural industry is diversity: land, crops, men, machines, cultivation methods, climate. Designed or all applications and machines, Michelin has developed a comprehensive range of tyres, providing the definitive response to farmers' needs.

As part of our commitment to customers we have dedicated staff based throughout Australia to assist with finding the best tyre in the Michelin range that suits their application.

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Looking for productivity, respect for the agronomic potential of the soil as well as a long service life? MICHELIN tractor tyres can deliver these features and benefits for you.


Michelin satisfies the requirements of its customers with harvester products that must be able to operate in all topographical and meteorological conditions.


Trailer tyres are subject to hard use and must offer total satisfaction on roads and in fields, MICHELIN agricultural trailer tyres meets farmers' requirements.

New Zealand Operations & Sales

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