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ian pereira

Prompt and Friendly service. I got my motorbike inspected for pink slip today. I booked for 8am and reached before. Alex was kind enough to entertain but justified why he can't start before time and it's fair. He started the inspection on time at 8 and i had my bike back to me at 8:20 as promised. Friendly service made me post this review.

Kieran Van Bunnik

Can definitely recommend these guys!! super helpful and full of knowledge. Always get my services there and always come out with a great result. Turned up today unannounced with a clutch issue and the owner quickly had a look and helped me out even when they're flat out with Christmas!

Dav W

My last few visits have been great but today's one takes the cake...I rocked up without an appointment and was sorted immediately and without being charged. These guys are working hard to banish whatever impressions may be lingering from many years ago (it was a bit sketchy) with solid work and friendly can-do attitudes. Recommended.

Erikh Wrigley

My experience so far has been quite good

Colin Barnes

I recently had my CBR500R tyres replaced at Balmain Motorcycles. The initial tyre advice was great, as was the ensuing service to replace the tyres. Whilst there I also asked in passing about a luggage solution (which I had been struggling with for several months with other shops). Alexander made a few calls to check, then ordered in a compatible Shad set of panniers and top-box and had them fitted for me. I am very happy with the service so far and will be back in future.
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