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Sebastian Molano

I don’t t recommend this place, I took my motorcycle which had damaged the starter clutch and the magnet, I already knew the damage I just needed to confirm and quote the arrangement to decide if they fixed it or me. At the moment of receiving the motorcycle, the mechanic said that he would charge $ 100 to check if it was the damage that I was informing him and then later it was my decision if they fixed it or I, previously I had quoted the parts and spare parts which cost $ 300 but the cost they gave me for the repair was $ 800, so I decided not to make the arrangement and pick up my motorcycle but at the time of picking it up they tell me that I should no longer pay $ 100 labor plus $ 50 oil and coolant, Now it was $ 250 without any explanation, they charged 100 dollars more just to leave my motorcycle in the same state in which I took it, I tried to talk with the manager about what happened but his answer was that this was how his business worked and that the price of Only $ 100 was for the review but that to reassemble the motorcycle cost another $ 100 so if I just wanted to pay $ 100 I should have taken the motorcycle in parts. I finally paid $ 100 more than agreed to just be told that the damage was the same as I already knew before I took it there, which I personally consider completely dishonest. In addition to this, the customer service of the place was very bad from the moment it arrived. I recommend looking for people of trust and that when doing a job leave everything in writing and be very specific.

0. C.

Very honest guys here..nothing is too much trouble, their prices are fair and service with a smile. I highly recommend them.

Marco Batacchi

Great service, very knowledgeable, Steve Fantastic guy always ready to help assist and explain. Top notch! Thank you guys!

RJ Beadle

Great great job! My bike was having this weird problem and was having problems running smoothly. I booked in for a service, and thankfully didn't have to wait long for an appointment. When I took it in the guy at the service counter was very knowledgeable and friendly. He had owned my bike model before, and when I explained to him what was happening he was able to diagnose it straight away. 5 months later and it is still running fine and purring like a kitten. I don't have so much as a splitter. Thanks so much for taking the time to explain to me the issue and fixing everything up without costing a fortune!

far king

I am a a loving person , i wish the best for all.