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Reviews By Google

Chris Luce

Gotta be careful with this shop. I went their to look for a year 2020 Monkey bike. The shop said 2020 isn't out yet, they only have 2019. The old model 2019 was $6500 and the shop said the price is non-negotiable. I went to another shop found 2020 Monkey bikes (I checked the chassis to make sure it is 2020). That shop sells $6000 (brand new not demo).


Not very happy with their professional service, attitude and customer service. I hope they could improve their customer service and become a better business empowered by customer trust and professionalism.


Very polite and easy going staff. Bought a Honda Grom and they had it ready to drive away the next day, registered and green slip sorted. Very involved with their customers and offer an open door policy with questions via telephone. Nothing bad to say about this place. Worth a visit.

Lucas Padua

Thank you for the support and patience. Amazing Experience - I totally recommend. Cheers for Drew and Ryan.

sajjad ali

Such a terrible service provider. Firstly they try to charge 3 times as compared to other workshops and if you refuse their services, they put you in bad customers and then close motorcycle refuse you to provide services. Such a shameless people they are hungry for the money. I haven't face such a wonderful experience before them anywhere who refuse to provide services. In the motorcycle community they are the most disgusting one i have ever seen. Best advice for the people don't go there otherwise you will be ripped and mentally torched.
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