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Reviews By Google

Aakash Thakwani

Good staff but they need spoon feeding. I bought a scooter (2nd hand), gave it for servicing. I used it after service, after two-weeks, there was a coolant problem. Gave it for repair. I got it after 5-weeks, with a start-up problem, from day one. I went again to GC motorcycles, they say that there is low compression. Why cant they figure out the issue is one sitting?? Why should i give it for servicing, after every two weeks?? Very bad customer service. I want to give - 5 stars :(. It is your responsibility. If i give it for SERVICING, it means to SERVICE the bike. It does not include oil only :o :(

Deklyn destroyer the gamer and bloger

Walk into store looking for information in regards to buying a scooter. I was met with friendly staff member who had heaps of information and took the time to explain everything I need to know and left me feeling very confident. I had my young son with me and he even engaged with my son giving him a sticker at which from his point of you made his day

Trevor Gardner

Great place and the renovation of the sales floor looking good. Not quite finished but the service is still as good as it always has been. 👍👍👍👍👍👍

Austin Arrowsmith

If you're just browsing, you are unlikely to be bothered by staff, as they barely seem to notice if you're there. However, if you start asking questions, you are likely to get a ton of information showing that they know their stuff. A decent range of jackets, gloves and helmets and a huge range of tyres.

Simon EM

Took my bike for the first time to do a major service. They were very friendly, explained everything they did to the bike and what brands and products were used. After I rode the bike home I felt I was riding a brand new bike. It felt really good!! Definitely will come back for the next service! Thumbs-up GC Motorcycles :-D
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