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Reviews By Google

G Roberts

Always been happy with the attitude, service and helpfulness of these guys. Have been going here for MANY years (not overly often though as I do most work myself), for tyres and bits and pieces for my motorbikes and will continue to do so. Recently I finally got my little 1983 RG 250 Gamma back on the road and the regulator/rectifier overcharged a brand new AGM battery which I had purchased from here in April. It was bulging like a football! I rang them to see if they had another in stock (after replacing the regulator/rectifier of course), and unlike the bigger players in the Adelaide motorcycle trade, they did... on the shelf! I confirmed that the price was the same as when I purchased one the other month and they said yes. I went there that afternoon. When I got there the battery was sitting on the counter, and they charged me $13.00 LESS than the mentioned price. Nice gesture hey!? Obviously happy to help out unlucky customers. They must be very aware of the trials that restoring old bikes can cause. Thanks Guys... Of course I will be back again : - )

Davana Scott

Good prompt Service from their tyre fitting dept. Wide selection of tyres. They offer good advice. Prices are very reasonable. Have used them before and always had good service.

The Review King

Had my motorcycle diagnosed here once long ago. They charged me $700+ because they couldn't diagnose why the engine was taking so many rpm to rev. It was because the motorcycle had too much engine oil. I told them if it cost more than $300 to diagnose then to stop before it got costly. I was about quite young at this time and I ended up having to pay. I will never forget this and the practice they did. I even hinted to them, hey I just changed my oil and its fluttering suddenly when I rev. Couldn't put two and two together. Disappointing. -forever disappointed customer Addit: It was fixed for around $700... It's not a made up story either. It wasn't very unlikely but mostly definitely likely. You definitely took the cake when I was naive. It happened a few years back and I highly doubt you would have record back then or willing to fix it anyway. It was only until recently I had been thinking about this event having suppressed it for so long and keeping it a secret from the family. I'm not wanting anything at this point but only to warn those of the companys unjust morals.

Jason Jones

Took in my Ktm 390 duke to get new tyres and prior to them changing the tyres over I was aware my bikes stand was a little off/loose which made my bike lean too much, they decided to fix this for me and didn't even mention it which I highly respect 10/10 would be seeing me for future endeavors and beautiful friendly customer service!!

MarkandDaya Tonellato

Great service and always have what I need.
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