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Reviews By Google

Selwyn Meaclem

Went in to buy some gloves. Was greeted on entering the shop by the parts guy,but not at all by the guy in the bike showroom. Found some nice summer gloves, my wife placed them on the counter and I also found a great dry rider jacket and pants set wanted to try on, well priced. The parts guy was on the phone we waited for over 15 minutes. The bike showroom guy said he was unable to help us,so we walked out empty handed.

Mad Wrecker Mark

Always excellent service from the staff. Couldnt be happier with the attention to detail. Marc and Darryn really look after me every time with going the extra care to make sure my requests are sorted .Cheers boys.

Bert De Waele

Great service centre for my trusty Suzuki V-Strom DL1000

Robert Fenn

most expensive service I have ever paid for at McCulloch. No major work done.

Dominik Kosik

Major service (most of the price for valve clearance i guess). I indicated front brakes issue (squishy). Was quoted $750 (all included) and to bring the bike in by 9am and pick up the same day. Visited shop before 1pm and bike was not attended yet (shop closes at 5-5:30pm). Got phone call on the way to pick up the bike (before 5pm) that they put head gasket that was "bend' in the box and they need to order another one as this one may develop a leak. I will stop here and explain that a golden rule of any service is never to use any part where there may be even smallest sign of not being in a perfect condition - but the shop "thought" it "may be" ok and after installing they decided it may not be ok - at this point they have broken the service manual trying to use obviously faulted gasket they should put into the bin at first stage. 2 days wasted to wait for the new installed. Pick up time - "somehow" quoted $750 became $950. Invoice doesnt even mention valve clearance (whether they were ok or adjusted). Labour on the invoice shows 6hrs but from 1pm to 5pm (thats the time they could spent on the bike since lunch time and closing time) its only 4 hrs. Math doesnt work again. Was told disk brake warped and need replacement but after changing brake fluid the brakes improved a lot - for those who follow, if a disk brakes were warped, changing brake fluid etc would not change anything at all. Btw, I doubt the discs are warped as I got different opinion a week earlier from other shop. Also the the other shop stated that the bike in not safety to drive with current brake issues, especially on the wet. Invoice says: front forks checked - not sure what bike they checked because cracks on the fork seals are so visible that even bling would see...So, I got "serviced" bike for $950 that is not safe to drive, 2 days later... good luck to your bike guys, especially if you plan to take your bike for a ride days...