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Reviews By Google

Trevor Jensen

Always had a great experience at McCullochs. Servicing of my Suzuki is always top notch. The actually do what they need to. No surprises normally. You can feel the difference when you pick the bike up. From service crew to the boss all good people.

Neil Baston

Excellent service. Tracked down a part for us on a 35 year old bike, even had it in stock. Had phoned one of there opposition who were going to get back to me. I waited 2 hours b 4 trying McCullochs . They pm to say they had it. Went & colleced it same day. The other mob pm back a day later!

sai chowdary

Their service price is too expensive still their service is not worthy to what we paid. I gave my bike for service later I got many issues with the bike and I went again and they charged too much and said we sorted out everything and now it's completely perfect and within 2 days I got the same problem with my bike again which they said sorted. I get back to them and they said we can't do you should take an appointment again and pay for the service then we will do. FINALLY GIVING THE BIKE FOR SERVICE IN THIS SHOWROOM IS COMPLETELY WASTE OF MONEY AND IT MAY LEAD TO NEW PROBLMES IN THE BIKE. SO BE CAREFUL WHILE GIVING FOR SERVICE.

Jackie Gallacher

Great service & the staff are very friendly & helpful

Selwyn Meaclem

Went in to buy some gloves. Was greeted on entering the shop by the parts guy,but not at all by the guy in the bike showroom. Found some nice summer gloves, my wife placed them on the counter and I also found a great dry rider jacket and pants set wanted to try on, well priced. The parts guy was on the phone we waited for over 15 minutes. The bike showroom guy said he was unable to help us,so we walked out empty handed.
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