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Reviews By Google

mert coşkuner

Lovely, friendly staff here! They have professinal service skills and eager to help everyone. I could even speak my own language to explain myself when I was there. Best in Sydney! Thank you so much Lukas!

Chris Tumeth

Great friendly and super service. They know their stuff. Always up for a chat and affordable prices with discounts! Very pleasing.

Kris Digneneng

We came in to buy some boots and knee guards and were assisted by Lukas and Jowell. They really knew the products well and we were able to get just what we needed. Great to see staff that are as into the products as you are!

Julieanne Green

I've been bringing my son to this store since he purchased his first bike, and the way senior staff spoke to him when they had made an error with a gift voucher is appalling. Please ensure the error is not yours before embarrassing yourself and a loyal customer in future. This is not how to treat loyal customers of your business. Needless to say we have no need for Gift Vouchers within this business in the future.

Ali Najand

You are working in a motorbike accessory store in a hot day and you think you need a tobacco. You decide to go out and have one when a customer enters the store. The other employee is helping other customers at the back jackets section. What would you do: (1) ignore the customer and leave the store to have your smoke. After all you have earned it (2) have some courtesy towards the customer and ask him what he wants l, guide him and go out for your smoke five minutes later. Apparently option (1) is what the MCAS senior employee do in this situation at 2:45 pm on a Monday afternoon. What would you do?
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