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A Raks

Awesome service, great range of products at fantastic prices. I was served by Matt (Surrey Hills) and despite me arriving last thing on a Friday as they were closing, he offered me a great experience. The rest of the team were also very efficient, courteous and friendly. Today was my first time but certainly not my last. I feel confident recommending MCAS to others.

Midnight Toker

I've shopped here a couple of times despite its poor reviews and it was OK. On my last visit I bought a new helmet and some other items and the staff member who assisted me was great. Then I tried to return a defective item I bought on a previous visit and the staff member who dealt with me was rude, dismissive and treated me like $hit. I did complain later and I was invited to visit another store miles away to receive an apology. A decent gesture but I didn't want an apology from someone not involved. All a bit too late. They do have some decent stuff in stock at reasonable prices , but I won't be back and I can't recommend.

lee marshall

Love the service and range. Staff always go out of their way to help

Mingy S

The bloke that helped me out deserves 5 stars. Sorry I forgot your name. Ex postie, younger bloke behind the sales counter at MCA City Store. He was so helpful and knowledgeable and was able to do what Auburn MCA or the people I spoke to on the phone or emailed couldn't do. After researching what I need and want, I went down to Auburn MCA to find the size I like for a new jacket. The closest to what I need was a Dainese Jacket. After finding my size, I came back to the coast and ordered my jacket on Novembet 2018. It was listed as in stock. My size at Mca Auburn was out of stock. Xmas present 😉. Few days later, I email MCA because my jacket wasn't getting processed. They reply back saying there will be a delay. After few more emails they tell me their supplier won't have it in stock until 20th December. I think ok hopefully they are giving me the worst case scenario and I'll still have my new expensive jacket before Xmas. Fast forward many calls and emails, MCA asks if I want a refund because its now delayed until early January. I tell them hey l waited this long what do you think my answer is going to be? I thought to myself, it can be my birthday present. It gets delayed again... When I ask, she says I'll have it any time soon. I say to the lady what do you mean any time soon? just tell me when. She then says 28th February. 😑😑😑 I head down to MCA city while I'm down there for my birthday week. I get sneaky and ask the sales person if he had the Dainese jacket in my size. Fast forward to the part where he explains their supplier had virus issues etc causing major problems. ok finally something I can understand. He said he'll have a quick look to see if there's a jacket in my size on hold that hasn't been put back into stock yet. No good. He then looks up on the computer to see if any other store has them in stock and notices one jacket on back order. This is when I tell him the truth and I tell him that's my jacket on back order since November. He tells me he understands how I feel and goes on "find the jacket mode" and starts ringing around. Nearly finds one but wrong model, mislabeled. Before I leave, he assures me he'll try and find a jacket in my size for me. Less than a week later I receive my jacket from their Qld store. Woohoo! I just check on MCA online to see if my jacket is in stock and it's still "That item is not available". I would of ordered from Revzilla or many other overseas online stores if they told me from the start what had happened and would of received my jacket long before Xmas. Would of saved money as well and more options besides all black. I don't like looking like a rainbow but some brightness is good for safety reasons.

Matthew Hill

Honest staff, with honest advice. Will definitely shop there again. Massive range as well, had plenty of choice!
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