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Reviews By Google

Tomasz Dobrzanski

What an excellent, even rock star customer service! Karen and Craig who run it are very warm and very relaxed people and got my bike fixed in time I was advised it will take. Excellent shop and by all means I will come back!

Henry Vurens van Es

Never had an issue with these guys in the 12 years I have been using them to buy gear and service my bikes. Dropped my trail bike in at 9.30am Saturday after she wouldn’t start and wanted to go trail riding Sunday. They sorted it out and serviced it and it’s going great. Thanks Guys.

David Farrell

Very friendly, knowledgeable staff. Decent prices, and found the most economical solution to my problem.

William Tang

☆☆☆☆☆☆ 6 Star Service with Love and Joy ☆ Reliable ☆ Experienced (Track, Long Distance, General ☆ Commute, Variety of Bikes) ☆ Affordable/Fair Priced ☆ Loving Experience ☆ Flexible Craig and Karen are experience riders on track, long distance and as daily riders. They live and breathe motorbikes. They vetted and and supported my trips to Geraltdton and Sydney on the Ninja300. Always have been there to help answer my queries when in need. The advice has been holistic and truthful. They keep to their word. They also got the Red Daytona up and running for street use and on the track. They have picked up the Daytona when it's broken down on the road and other friends bikes, near and far. Jamie has done excellent jobs on the Daytona to have run smoothly! Price is affordable and more than fair from my perspective. Main thing is you will be looked after 😁 I'm dearly grateful for their expert, professional and loving service. I trust this review will help you make a more knowledgeable decision to have an experience with the people at Motorcycle Pitstop. P.S. Play fetch with Oppie (Border Collie), he loves it 🐶⚾️💛 Be well and prosper, William Tang

Issy Ramsay

**DO NOT TRUST THESE SELLERS** I bought my motorcycle off these guys a couple of months ago. I then had problem with the bike a week later so I took the bike back and they fixed it with new parts (even though I was told the bike was in full working condition when I bought it). My bike was legally still under warranty but they refused to fix it for free so I then had to pay a further $200 for the parts. All ran smoothly until about a month after that my bike SET ON FIRE when I was riding it along the freeway. I was then told by the fire service that came to the scene it was an electrical fault that had caused the fire due to the parts they had fixed in the previous weeks. They have refused to pay me back the $200 and are an absolute complete waste of time. If you don’t want you life to be at risk then do not buy from these people.
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