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Eric Toome

Having only recently visited for the first time I was very impressed with the service and knowledge of the staff. I am a returning rider who required a new outfit completely. Daniel Hill served me with what can only be described as old school service where the customer was number one. He willingly spent hours,and that is the truth of the time, sorting out my requirements from boots to jacket to pants,to hemet and communication system. As one item was not in stock and had to be ordered in he made sure i was informed. On returning to collect the jacket again i received top notch service from the boys. Simon and Daniel 2 were brilliant and treated me the the same respect and joy. Nothing was too hard. I have been truly amazed as my past experience has not been anywhere near as positive. I will definitely return and recommend others to go and try these guys. Truly a pleasant experience. Five stars definitely from me.

zhongming wen

Went there to see the MT09 with two of my mates last Saturday morning. Everything was good until the negotiation part. Got told to go somewhere else almost instantly when we made a reasonable offer, later that afternoon bought the bike from somewhere else $200 above our offer, which is $500 below their initial offer and they didn't want to go down a bit. Felt like not being taken seriously.

Arthur Woodhouse

Had my ZX12 for sale on consignment. Didn’t sell coz they asking too much over what I wanted. Made me buy a new front tyre while there. Got it back after 6 months and noticed they stole the bike stand bobbins and changed my back tyre from a 200 to a 190 with less tread without my knowledge. Untrustworthy. I’m never going there again. After reading your response, I’ll get my bike registered and bring it in. You can replace my bike stand bobbins, we will discuss my tyre and if I’m satisfied I’ll remove my review. As this bike hasn’t been ridder since it was there, your stock number is still on the mirror and you can remove your number plate surround. Thanks for drilling 4 holes in my number plate by the way.

Margie Pumpa

Always friendly staff with great advice and service.

Patrick McKone

The staff are very helpful and friendly. They're very knowledgeable and have pretty reasonable clearance items. Can highly recommended
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