Safety When It Matters Most

Michelin Australia is pleased to launch its summer safety campaign ‘Safety When it Matters Most’.

There is a significant focus on road safety at this time of year.  Increased congestion caused by more road users means that people need to take extra care when travelling on the roads. The timing of the campaign is the perfect reminder to ensure your car and tyre health is checked before your holiday journey.

The Michelin team wants you and your families to arrive at your destination safely, and to make it an enjoyable journey. Having the right Michelin tyres fitted to your car, the correct pressures and checks will ensure your drive is smooth, quiet, fuel-efficient and most importantly, safe – with your tyres performing exactly how they need to.

With the busy holiday season fast approaching, now is the perfect time to visit your local Michelin dealer to get a safety check on your tyres. Your local Michelin team will be able to assist in checking tyre depths and tread wear; advising on the correct tyre pressures and to see if your car is ready for wherever your journey is set to take you.

Safety When It Matters Most - Summer 2019/2020 (30 Second)

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