Rules to follow

All motorcycles are built using components suited to the manufacturer's requirements.

It is important to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer and tyre maker as each motorcycle has its own particular requirements. To avoid breaking the Highway Code, you must adhere to a number of basic principles:

  • The front and rear measurements specified by the manufacturer
  • The performance ratings (load and speed), which must be at least equal to the manufacturer's recommendations
  • The same construction (radial or diagonal) to the front and rear (except when the manufacturer recommends otherwise).
It is also worth bearing in mind certain common-sense considerations even if they are not strictly part of the Highway Code:
  • Choose tyres designed for the same purpose (circuits, sports, touring…)
  • Avoid fitting two tyres of different brands as each manufacturer develops its tyres to work together as a pair (front and rear). Therefore the approved technical specifications differ from one tyre maker to the next. This should only be used as a temporary solution or in the event of a puncture.