The high-performance motocross tyre designed for Supercross use.

  • Optimised grip


Why is this the right tyre for me?

moto picto performance tyres

For the most extreme curves

Hours of thought and countless miles on sunken terrains went into creating one incredible result. For more than three years, our engineers and riders worked side by side to design this exceptional tyre, a specialist of Supercross.

moto picto adhesion route tyres

Outstanding technical performance

More lightweight and maneuverable, the new Starcross 5 Hard features a combination of technologies. The key point is its carcass, which is considerably more flexible. Its performance on straight lines and curves is optimized, providing your motorcycle with improved traction and steadier handling around curves.

moto picto dimensions tyres

A wide variety of sizes

A wider variety of sizes for more extensive usage possibilities.

What people are saying
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2 reviews
5 / 5

Great for mixed use

Calum317 - September 30, 2021

I've used it both on the track and out the trails and they having grip everywhere. Powering on out of a corner the bike pulls like a freight train instead of spinning up to speed.

  • Dry surface grip
  • Longevity
  • Maneuverability
  • Stability
  • Wet surface grip
5 / 5

Wally - May 26, 2021

have great grip and wear well

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    2 sizes available for this tyre




    110/90-19 62M
    Width 110
    Aspect Ratio 90
    Rim Size 19
    Load Index 62
    Speed Index M
    90/100-21 57M
    Width 90
    Aspect Ratio 100
    Rim Size 21
    Load Index 57
    Speed Index M
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